Why not?  Old wood has a patina and character that new wood cannot provide.  Only age, use, weather, climate, and temperature can condition wood to a unique look.

Any woodworker loves new wood but old wood has a special character all its own.

In truth, it’s much more difficult to work.  Usually, it is an odd dimension, has splits and cracks, twists, nails, holes, and is crooked… all of which need to be dealt with. Lots of splinters too.

All timbers are scanned for metal first.  Hardware is removed, then the surfaces are planed smooth to expose the clean wood.  At this point, the holes are plugged with dowels or filled with resin.  Cracks are filled.  Splits are stabilized with resin and dowels.  Now the timber is ready for milling into boards or beams.

As one can see, it is much easier to go to the wood mill and collect finished lumber.  Using old timber is much more difficult and time-consuming BUT it is very satisfying insomuch that old timber is given new life and the end result is unique in all cases.  We never know what the finish will look like until the end.  Each piece is a total surprise.