Westphalia Wood Works is a one-man artisan shop and has been in operation since 1984.

My humble but well-outfitted shop is located near Fredericksburg, Virginia.

I’m a small fish in a big pond however my quality is second to none. All of the finished pieces are SOLID WOOD. I can create the finest, custom, and unique pieces for our customers and my reputation spreads by word of mouth. Please refer to the “Testimonials” page.

EVERY part of the process is performed here and EVERY piece designed and crafted is heirloom quality and will last generations.

Each creation is a piece of artwork, one of a kind, made one at a time. No two are alike. There’s no production line here.

In recent years there has been a growing interest and popularity in using repurposed materials, especially with the push for all things “environmental” and “green”.  In fact, it has become a trend and is sought out by discriminating customers who value good quality.  To that end, I am in possession of a large amount of old barn wood that is at least a century old.  More on the way.  I also design and create pieces using solid slabbed timber from local hardwoods that have been downed by storms, or lightning strikes or were removed by utility companies.

(Rarely is lumber purchased commercially unless for a special request. Most often there is an ample supply on hand of Walnut, Cherry, Maple, Oak, Tulip Poplar, Hickory, Beech, and others)

This timber is milled by a local sawyer and then is air cured in sheds for a year or so, then placed into a solar-powered kiln during the summer for final curing (and to eliminate any possibility of insect infestation) prior to final milling in the shop.

Slow-cured timber is much nicer and more attractive than commercially “forced dried” which has a tendency to case-harden lumber and makes wood brittle whereas air-dried/slow-cured timber produces a more profound and beautiful natural grain patina.  If you value excellent craftsmanship, with attention to detail, using old-world techniques coupled with modern methods, then you will love what is produced… Guaranteed.

Typical lead time is about 6-12 weeks unless, of course, a finished piece is in inventory.

Shipping is available to anywhere in the continental United States. In most cases, FedEx Freight is used.