Seriously… a NASA Rocket Scientist from Colorado commissioned us to design and craft a Cherry Coffee table.  Our client is one of the geniuses that put not one BUT two Rovers on Mars.  Think about that for a moment.  One was the size of a microwave oven and the second one was larger than a full-sized pick-up truck. How cool is that?  That’s like hitting a bullet with a bullet.

Anyway, I digress…

We were given free reign as to what the finished table would look like.  The only client requirements were that the table is stout, about 48″ square, with 4 stout legs and a lower shelf, and a touch of rustic flavor.  That was it.

Here’s what we started with, rough slabs of Black Cherry:

Stacked in the shop acclimating to conditioned space:

All the pieces were planed flat and cut square, then joined and planed again.

The top and bottom slabs:

Poop… the top looks boring.  Decisions… decisions…

Tada!  Curved sides!  A subtle 1″ arch was cut on four sides of the top, then radius corners, then 1/4″ rounded edges.

Four 3-1/4″ square legs with mortise and tenon stretchers.

The finish was Odie’s Oil and Odie’s Wax, our go-to finish.  All surfaces, of course.

Here’s a pic of the table in our client’s home:

The table weighs about 200 pounds and will last forever.

~ Peter

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