A customer in Charlotte, North Carolina ordered a huge 24″ x 36″ end-grain cutting board.  He needed it before July 4th.  The choice of wood was mine.

This was the result:

It is constructed of Black Walnut, Black Cherry, Red Oak, and Curly Maple.  It is 1-1/2″ thick and weighs 39 pounds finished.  Yeah, it is a monster.

After being submerged for 4 days in mineral oil for a thru and thru oiling, the board was finished with Odie’s Oil, then a final coating of Odie’s Wax.

Our client decided that it now needs a special home.  To that end, we will be constructing a special matching cart of walnut and cherry.  The cart will be countertop height and have moveable shelves for cookbooks, etc., and will serve as both a center island or serving cart as it will have wheels.  It can also be rolled from the kitchen to the deck for barbecues.

~ Peter