During the course of the year, logs are collected from fallen trees on the property, from neighbors, and from utility companies.  In most cases, this is the result of storm damage.  As we collect them, the logs are cut into 9′ lengths and the ends are painted to reduce and splitting and from drying out too quickly.

In the early spring, while it’s still cool they are cut into slabs.  We have our friend Joe come with his bandsaw mill.  It’s a lot of serious work but we have fun doing it.  When cutting into the logs it is much like opening a Christmas present to see what is inside.  Imagine grown men saying “oh wow, look at that” with each cut.  🙂

Here’s a maple log in the bandsaw mill:

Joe at the controls of his Woodmizer Bandsaw mill:



A stack of maple and cherry slabs:

Walnut in the solar kiln:

A stack of cherry:

More walnut:

The slabs are heavy.  They are cut into 2-1/4″ thick slabs and weigh about 100- 300 pounds depending on width.  At the end of the day, we know we did some work.

~ Peter